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FROM 1987 TO 1993.
1987. With two friends, Bernard Jannin and Gilles Thévenin, a stylist from Chalon-sur-Saône, Gil sets up the world’s first hair dressing salon catering exclusively for children under the age of 12, under the name of VERT TENDRE, with fun styling units adapted for their size and a screen showing non-stop cartoons.
The concept proves to be a huge success. The Minister for Employment, Georges Chavanes, awards them the Grand Prix de l'Innovation 1987, during the "Mondial Coiffure Beauté" (World Hair and Beauty Fair’) at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.
In 10 years, Gil and Catherine Mennetrey franchised over 250 Vert Tendre salons throughout the world. They sold the Vert Tendre concept and franchise to the Lucie Saint-Clair Group a few years later.
A Vert Tendre salon Georges Chavanes, Minister for Employment, and Gil MENNETREY
Gil Mennetrey and Philippe Bouvard
The same year, Gil was Philippe Bouvard’s guest on the television Show “Portrait d'une Réussite” (“Success Story”) which devoted a retrospective to him.
1988. The Norgil Group now has 49 institutes. Anne-Marie Proust, a brilliant specialist in management and franchise, becomes a shareholder in Arlor and joins the Management team. She later becomes Head of Norgil pilot institutes.
1989. Gil and Cathy buy a large property in Sologne (150 km south of Paris). They settle there for good.
1991. Catherine Mennetrey, a great ULM enthusiast, beats the ULM world record for highest altitude in two-seater ULMs, climbing to 6,130 meters.
1993. Gil, an equally enthusiastic ULM pilot, beats the world speed record for two-seater ULMs on the same pendular ULM.
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