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FROM 2000 TO 2002.
Late 2000. Gil and Catherine Mennetrey open a second Challeng’Hair hair transplant clinic in Barcelona, Spain. They go into partnership with one of their friends, Christophe Guillemat, who is appointed Director.
April 2001. Gil launches the first Café Minceur (Slimming Coffee) in France, the first product from his "Minceur Gourmande" (Tasty Slimming) range. To do this, he sets up the Laboratoires Natural Scientific with his wife Catherine, his elder son Christian and three partners. The product is delicious and really effective. It’s a huge success. Within two and a half years, 1.4 million boxes of Café Minceur and then Thé Minceur (Slimming Tea) have been sold in drugstores.
Slimming Tea and Coffee Catherine and Gil Mennetrey
The First Medical Tourism Clinic.
April 2001. With two friends, Gérard and Marlène Guidi, Gil and Catherine Mennetrey open their third hair transplant clinic, this time in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.
They invent a brand new concept – medical tourism. Patients spend a week in a grand hotel in Mauritius and on the second day they have hair implants. At the end of their trip, they return from their vacation tanned and relaxed with hair that gradually grows back over the following months.
With this clinic astutely set up on an island of paradise, they invent "medical tourism", combining a vacation with low-cost cosmetic surgery.
The Medical Hair Transplant Center, Mauritius Gérard Guidi, Christophe Guillemat and Gil Mennetrey in Mauritius
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