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Gérard Mennetrey
FROM 2003 TO 2007.
January 2003. Christian Mennetrey, Gil’s elder son, opens an online boutique. Included in his catalogue are products from the Arlor and Natural Scientific Laboratories.
June 2003. Gérard Mennetrey, Gil’s brother, becomes the Group’s Logistics Manager.
December 2003. Gil Mennetrey causes a revolution with his creation of a real Slimming Chocolate. The Laboratoires Natural Scientific launch the world’s first slimming chocolate.
The medical Team from the Specialist Hair Center, Marrakesh  
At the same time, Gil and Catherine Mennetrey open a Specialist Hair Center in Marrakesh. Four Moroccan plastic surgeons and ten Moroccan nurses and technicians are trained in the latest hair transplant techniques in Paris in their Challeng'Hair clinic.
2006. Gil sets up the "Norgil Russia" company as a master franchise in partnership with 2 Russian friends, Catherine and Élisabeth, with the goal of developing Norgil Specialist Hair Centers in Russia.
Franck De Bruycker
Summer 2007.
Franck De Bruycker, until now Arlor’s Financial Director, is appointed CEO, becoming Gil Mennetrey’s right-hand man.
September 2007. A Japanese corporation, the world’s leading company in treatment for baldness, makes a substantial offer to acquire the Laboratoires Arlor and all the Norgil Specialist Hair Centers in France. A preliminary sales agreement is signed. Two weeks before signing the actual sales agreement, on March 31st 2008, Gil Mennetrey decides not to accept that his “baby” be sold to a foreign company. He breaks the sales agreement, preferring to boost development of his companies with greatly renewed energy.
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