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THE YEAR 2008.
January 2008. 17,000 hair transplants have already been carried out by the Challeng'Hair clinics. This is unique in Europe.
April 2008. Arlor goes into partnership with David, a renowned Italian hairdresser, and opens the first Norgil institute in Italy, in the very heart of Rome.
July 2008. The Laboratoires Arlor merge with the Laboratoires Natural Scientific. The new company takes the name Laboratoires Arlor Natural Scientific, and all the services are grouped together in à Roubaix (in the north of France) in Arlor’s premises.
The Arlor Natural Scientific Team in Roubaix
Décember 2008. Croissance Nord Pas-De-Calais, a company specializing in business in the Nord department, becomes a shareholder of Arlor Natural Scientific, owning 6%.
To thank his friend Gil for having let him keep his hair and grow back the hair he’d lost, Alain Robert, Spider-Man, scales the Agbar Tower in Barcelona, Spain, especially for him. He hangs a banner on the side of the tower with the clinic’s email address in front of the TV cameras filming his ascent live.
Torre Agbar in Barcelona, Spain Alain Robert on the Torre Agbar of Barcelona
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