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THE YEAR 2009.
The year 2009 is a very busy one professionally. The Laboratoires Arlor Natural Scientific recruit several high-level managers to develop new Hair Specialist Institutes in France. With his new team, Gil promotes his products’ image on the Internet.
Alain ROBERT, Spider-Man, on the Défense Tower in Paris
September 2009. On the 9th, Gil is in Paris for the day. He receives a call from his press attaché asking him to come to the Ariane Tower in the Défense right away. 20 minutes later he is there, and discovers to his surprise hundreds of onlookers and about 20 French and international TV cameras, watching and filming his old friend Alain Robert. Alain is climbing this 157m tower with his bare hands, and doing well.
Suddenly, half way up, Spider-Man gets a banner out from under his shirt and hangs it on the tower. The banner reads "Thanks Gil". It's an emotional moment for Gil, who remembers 12 years earlier when Alain said to him "Gil, if you get my hair to grow back, I'll climb a tower specially for you."
His friend Spider-Man even created a website,, for this exploit, to explain this extreme and crazy gift to his friend with pictures.
December 2009. Gil launches 2 new exceptional products based on natural active ingredients :
  - a new, energizing anti hair loss treatment, with the particularity of effectively regulating hair loss in 3 months and …. boosting libido in both men and women…
  -  and an anti-stress tablet to regain serenity, sleep and vitality, completely naturally.
To conclude, Norgil and Challeng’Hair are continuing to develop both in France and abroad, especially with the new, ultra-modern cosmetic surgery clinic about to open in Trou aux Biches, Mauritius.
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