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A Passion for Hair.
Gil Mennetrey was born in France, the son of hairdressers in a small town in the Hautes-Vosges department in France. He has always been fascinated by hair care, especially hair loss treatment.
At the age of 23, he obtained his National Professional Diploma and soon afterwards became a member of the prestigious and very exclusive "Club des 50" in Paris, which later became the "Hair Club de France", lead by André Bénard.
Gil Mennetrey and Norbert Theuret
With his friend Norbert Theuret, he established Perruq'Shop de France, a chain of boutiques selling wigs, and very soon found himself managing 85 franchise boutiques.
The two men became more and more passionate about the problems of hair loss, so they founded the first hair care institute in the world in Nancy, under the name of NORGIL. The name is from the first syllables of the mens first names ("Nor-Gil"). It soon became a great success, and several other institutes opened under the brand name Norgil in Saint-Dizier (with Jean-Yves Claudin), Reims (with Jean-Paul Cervin and Michèle Demessence), Metz (with Roger Zell) and Toulouse (avec Liliane Rentz).
Two years later, the two men bought out their main hair prostheses supplier, and started manufacturing themselves under the name of Laboratoires Arlor. They were very impressed by the skill of a member of their staff, Arlette Josquin, and appointed her Head of Manufacturing. She soon became their main partner, and a few years later she was made CEO of Laboratoires Arlor in the Nord Pas-de-Calais region of France.
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