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FROM 1978 TO 1986.
1978. Gil Mennetrey and Norbert Theuret open a large, prestigious Norgil institute in Paris, just off the Place de la Concorde, at 12 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the former premises of the l’Oréal’s Art section. Gil also has his Paris office here.
Doctor Pierre Bédard
1979. Gil Mennetrey meets Docteur Pierre Bédard from Montreal in Canada. The surgeon was already considered by many international specialists as one of the world’s best doctors carrying out hair transplants. The men, both passionate about research into hair loss, become firm friends. The friendship has lasted for nearly 30 years now, despite the 8,000 kilometers between Quebec and France, and they are still as close today as they were when they first met.
It was Pierre Bédard who supplied Gil with the famous revolutionary technique of Follicular Microtransplantation.
Norbert Theuret, Arlette Josquin, Gil Mennetrey and Michel Michelot.
1981. Gil meets Michel Michelot, who later becomes his right-hand man when he develops the Norgil Institutes.
1983. Gil meets Catherine, a brilliant young woman with whom he has two children : Anthony, in 1987 and Charlotte, in 1993, a brother and sister for Christian, Gil’s first son.
September 1985. The 1st World Congress on Hair Loss Research. 300 specialists from all over the world and 1,500 people attend at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. Gil Mennetrey is President.
The next day, Le Figaro and Libération national newspapers devote an entire page reporting the event, and over 60 articles pay tribute to the new techniques presented by the French and international specialists invited by Gil Mennetrey.
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